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MK Kurpjuweit

It is important to say that I am an inventor of a compact vehicle. This vehicle has not yet made from any industry. It is a concept of an entire vehicle which reduces half of the tooling of the Body and therefore the costs so much. But since no automaker in the world has not given me a lead position in design yet, I still could not write several patents, or better saying, this design will remain in my head. I think this idea will die with me and not will be a fact realised in the future. Actually, the invention is made up of me and my already dead father. The vehicle would drive with Hybrid Electric Drive in so called 'ride by wire' concept, without much heavy mechanical parts. Unfortunately, I could not talk much about it, because I have not been able to get an appropriate job from a car manufacturer for a long time to make able this in the design, need a long good term contract first, but as a very experienced coach builder man from several times CAD work into the past (this work was just what others wanted and I was thought just as operational Man), I could optimise all Car Architecture in the head. The principle is simple, and of course any design could adapt to it. The fact is: If the industry does not invest on me, the industry does not get my idea. Unfortunately, so many people and competitors are in this world. If the industry gave me an offer in design long-term, then we could really win a lot of money together. _________________________________________________________________ Portfolio : https://issuu.com/m.kurpjuweit/docs/final_ _________________________________________________________________ 3D Modelling Design Artist. Mechanical Engineer by USP in SP city, 1989 - 1994. Master Transportation Industrial Designer by SPD Milan Italy, 1997. Several years back experience at some automobiles industries' projects, as employee for General Motors, Volkswagen, unfortunatly indirect to BMW and Audi, as well as NH90 Eurocopter, EFG550 Jungheinrich Fork-Lift and Aircraft Industries with SSJ100 and Comac C919. Special experience coordinating Building Systems at Honeywell for commercial buildings, airports, factories and hotels in Brazil. Touches in nautical vehicles projects' proposals, cruise ships & mega yachts. Sailing Yachts 3D GFK Molding Parts. Bombardier Transportation DO2010 Deutsche Bahn IC 2013 Interior. Proposal of Railway Old future station. Visionary and Art enthusiast, innovative in new ideas, talent for discovering solutions. Illustrator


Nicolas dePeyer

Nicolas dePeyer

Designer, Community Manager: uMake Inc. San Francisco, CA. Oct 2015- Present Designing within uMake and validating for industry standards, UX Design, community management, social media management, partnership management, product management and customer support have all been responsibilities since joining uMake. Design Community Manager, Project Manager and Industrial Designer: Local Motors Inc. Phoenix, AZ. 2009-2015 Vehicle production design, product design, automotive design community management, project management, product management, graphic design, web design, video production, 3D modeling and rendering, photography, newsletter creation, social media management,, copywriting, user experience and interaction design have all been responsibilities since joining Local Motors, with the primary focus on working with and managing the incredible Local Motors online community, which has grown 20x since joining Local Motors in 2009. Webmaster, Graphic Designer, Second Life Architect: Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA. 2005 - 2009 Developed websites and presentations for various academic departments and Lehigh professors at the Lehigh University IMRC (International Multimedia Resource Center). Managed graphic design work and film editing for various departments, designed Lehigh Island in Second Life, and built and managed the Lehigh Second Life community for its first year. Free-Lance Feature Writer: CarDesignNews.Com Paris, France. 2006-2007 Contributed 5 articles written from the perspective of a transportation design student and a member of Generation Y. Also contributed photos from the Paris and Frankfurt Auto-shows. Leadership: Speaker at AutoR design conference, Zagreb Croatia 2014/ 2015. President Phoenix East Valley Rotaract 2012-2013. Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters Arizona for 5 years. Founder of DesignDriven Facebook group dedicated to inspiring and helping designers grow their skillsets. President of the Lehigh University Mac Users Group. Webmaster and founder of Centermotion.com, an online resource for design students with a focus on transportation design-- eventually rolled into Local Motors.

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