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Owning company: Chang'an Automobile (Group) Co. Ltd.

Hafei, officially the Harbin HF Automobile Industry Group Co Ltd is a Chinese holding company whose subsidiaries manufacture automobile engines; sedans; MPVs; and mini vehicles, small trucks and vans that see commercial use. Subsidiaries include the auto-making Hafei Motor Co Ltd and the engine maker Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co, which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In 2009, it was purchased by the Chang'an Automobile Group.

Hafei was formerly owned by Aviation Industry Corporation of China, but prompted by Chinese State policy aimed at consolidating the domestic automobile manufacturing industry,  in 2009, the Chang'an Automobile Group purchased most Hafei-related assets. Their earliest products (Suzuki Carry-based microvans and trucks) were sold under the Songhuajiang brand, named after the Songhua River, but since 2002 they have been sold directly as Hafeis. Their vehicles have always carried the "HFJ" identity code, no matter the brand.

Source: Wikipedia


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