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Owning company: Honda and GAC

Everus is a car marque of Guangqi Honda, a joint venture between Honda and Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group). Li Nian was also the name of a concept car that Guangqi Honda debuted in Auto China 2008, coinciding with the reveal of the brand.

Honda became the first foreign automaker to develop vehicles under a brand owned by its local joint venture automaker in China. Li Nian launched its first car, the S1 at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2011.

The S1 is the first Everus car available for sale. It is a badge-engineered fourth-generation Honda City/Jazz saloon and went on sale in April 2011. It is 4,420mm long and is available with a 1.3 L i-DSi or 1.5 L VTEC L-seires petrol engine.

Source: Wikipedia


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