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Owning company: Toyota Motor Group

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Daihatsu Kōgyō Kabushiki-gaisha is the oldest Japanese car manufacturer, mostly known for its range of smaller models and off-road vehicles. The headquarters are located in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture.

The company makes small cars and trucks. The company is part of the same manufacturing group that includes Toyota Motor Ltd. The company was set up in 1907. Examples of their cars are the Daihatsu Charade, the Rocky Four Wheel Drive SUV and the Daihatsu Copen. Daihatsu cars and trucks are notable for their rugged construction and high level of finish.

Daihatsu was formed in 1951 as a successor to Hatsudoki Seizo Co. Ltd, founded in 1907, as part of Hatsudoki's major restructure. Hatsudoki's formation was largely influenced by the Engineering Department's faculty of Osaka University, to develop a gasoline powered engine for small stationary power plants.

Source: Wikipedia 

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