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Various Positions, XPeng Motors

Guangzhou, China

XPeng Motors is an internet electric car company found in mid 2014. With the trend of “Internet+”, “mega data” and “O2O”, we’re dedicated to using new technology, craftsmanship and business models to make future vehicles for the young generation. We want to deliver a brand new experience for our customers from purchasing to using.

As soon as XPeng Motors was founded, several million dollars of angel investment had been achieved including Alibaba and Xiaomi. By late 2015, we had accomplished an investment of over $100 million which will be completely spent on product development. In June 2017, XPeng Motors received funding of 2.2 billions from investors led by Ucar Capital. XPeng Motors will work together with Ucar to build a complete car service system, which connects the whole chain of vehicle R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sale services. This will enable a ‘lease + sale’ business model.

XPeng Motor’s design studio is located in Guangzhou (the third biggest city in China, close to Hong Kong), China. Focusing on every design scenario, a better user experience will be created. The innovation engineers in the design studio will co-operate with suppliers to develop a new interactive experience. Advanced ideas will be encouraged by investors and founders to create product differentiation.

On 13th September 2016, the production-ready “beta” concept was released. The design had been highly spoken of by Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi. For further information please click below:


Positions available (location: Guangzhou, China):

1. Chief Interior Designer

Job Description:

  1. Leading the whole design team to build the core value of the brand; co-operation with other departments to accomplish design tasks
  2. Decision making in every review during the whole design process;  Keeping every project to the proper schedule and right direction
  3. Interviewing future candidates and team building


  1. 8-10 years automotive design experience; deep understanding about the design process of concept and production cars (minimum 4 years OEM experience)
  2. Minimum of 2 complete interiors lead from sketch phase to production
  3. Outstanding design sense and understanding; strong ability to work in 3D. Understanding of 3D tools as ALIAS or Maya or ICEMSURF
  4. Fluent English speaking
  5. Getting along with the team smoothly; Team managing

2. Senior Exterior & Interior Designers

Job Description:

  1. Understanding the role of product manager and customer need. User experience researching and developing
  2. Involved in whole design process, from sketching to A class surface
  3. Designer will also be skilled in mass production development for new models, and have strong industrial design engineering knowledge


  1. Deep understanding of users’ needs in different scenarios; able to improve user experience
  2. 3+ years automotive design experience, with experience of one or more complete production projects
  3. Professional design sketching and rendering
  4. Smooth communication with clay modelers and CAS modelers or other departments
  5. Ability to use ALIAS to turn these ideas into 3D images

3.  Student Internship (exterior / interior / CMF)

  • Looking for creative students, bold enough to break the rules to create the coolest XPeng cars!

Interested candidates are invited to apply with a detailed CV in Word format, and an up-to-date design portfolio in PPT or PDF (less than 10 MB) by email to [email protected]