We are delighted to announce that our 11th annual Maorinews Night returns to Geneva on Tuesday, March 6 2018.

Held at Geneva's impressive Bypass Nightclub, Maorinews Night provides a unique opportunity for you to meet and network with OEMs and acclaimed Heads of Design during a glittering and glamorous evening.

On the night, Maorinews News will also announce the Lifetime Achievement Award, Concept Car of the Year, Production Car of the Year and launch the Maorinews Review book.


Maorinews Night is exclusively for professional designers from OEMs and registered entry is by approval only.

Premier partner

Magna Exteriors brings together design, materials science and technology to help its customers boldly imagine and create the car of the future. A leader in lightweighting and composites, Magna researches, develops and implements new materials to help automakers lower emissions and improve fuel economy without sacrificing styling and performance.

This expertise is evident in several market-leading innovations, such as a carbon fiber hood, a visible active grille shutter, a carbon fiber grille opening reinforcement, a plastic skid plate with a silver metallic look and many more; all of which from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). These examples have been implemented for high-volume, production programs across the world and represent Magna’s constant drive to innovate and its strong partnerships with auto manufacturers worldwide.

Magna is also investigating new applications for lightweight materials throughout the vehicle, including the current development of a carbon fiber subframe that weighs 34 percent less than a steel subframe.

The Magna Exteriors portfolio of products includes access systems such as liftgates, exterior trim, modular systems, front-end modules including fascia, active aerodynamic systems and other lightweight structural components for automotive, commercial truck and other industrial markets.

No matter what the car of the future looks like, whether it has a driver or not, it will most certainly have an exterior, and Magna innovation will lead the way.

Eco partner

Dinamica® is the Italian ecological suede made of recycled polyester with an innovative water-based manufacturing process in which no harmful chemical solvents are used. In 2012 it obtained the EPD® certification, the most advanced Environmental Product Declaration, for its automotive product line.

Dinamica® is unique and it takes you into a new reality, which is exclusive, elegant, beautiful, charming, able to provide pure emotions. We are passionate about excellence and produce recyclable microfibers that are environmentally friendly to the highest standards. A careful attention to detail, quality, appearance, and performance makes it even more refined.

Dinamica®is perfect for seats and backrests, as well as for panels, roof lining and door interiors.

Gold partners

Lacks Enterprises, Inc., is a technology leader worldwide with diversified operations that rely on decades of design and production experience in thermoplastic design, injection molding, electroplating, painting, and assembly. We provide high value decorative trim and lightweight wheel products, as well as global export and distribution capabilities.

Founded in early 2010, ICONA brings together some of the best international design, engineering, modelling and prototyping experience in the automotive sector for the benefit of its customers all over the world.

Created in response to the increasing demand for high-quality design projects, ICONA is unique among European design studios because the entire design team is permanently based in Shanghai, Turin and in Los Angeles, close to the customers’ locations.

With the establishment of branches in Turin and Los Angeles in 2016, ICONA now provides a more comprehensive and international service to our customers and has become the world’s first automotive design company that covers Asia, Europe and America.

Grupo Antolin is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive interiors and a preferred partner to automakers throughout the world. The company operates through four business units: doors & hard trim, overheads & soft trim, lighting, and cockpits & consoles. Our comprehensive international footprint with 150 factories in 26 countries and a global workforce of more than 26,000 ensures our ability to support the global platform strategies of our clients. Antolin’s consolidated sales for fiscal 2016 stood at €5,247 million.

The development of smart surfaces, the integration of lighting and advanced and sustainable plastic parts are the result of Antolin’s rapid development of its innovation ecosystem to meet society’s new expectations.

Silver partners

We have more than 30 years' experience in digital design and over 12 years supplying top quality digital modellers, studio engineers and CGI artists, mostly within automotive. We also offer in-house design, taking an outline sketch or technical data through to exciting photo-realistic and/or interactive images, hence our tag line ‘Making it Real’.

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