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Book Review: How to Illustrate and Design Concept Cars

12 July 2017 | by Michael Gooderham

There are any number of books telling you how to draw cars, but this refreshed edition of How to Illustrate and Design Concept Cars by Adrian Dewey (not Newey) covers the basics of every major medium and technique, peppered with examples and extra insight throughout about what’s going on and why.

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With additional contributions from professionals and enthusiasts, Dewey takes the reader through the process of sketching and rendering with pencil, markers, plus graphics tablets and Photoshop, thus making the book a thorough introduction to the essentials of visualising your ideas – though more so for those who are just starting out, or have been drawing as a hobby and fancy sharpening or broadening their skills.

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As well as paragraphs of information there are step-by-step guides that talk the reader through the process of recreating what they can see based on what they’re being told. This layout shows the evolution of a render worthy of a first- or second-year degree student, giving something useful to aim for.

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A degree-level student should be able to pick this book up and already understand large parts of it, only needing to use it to solidify their baseline knowledge in the early stages.

Realistically, though, it is aimed at a younger crowd than that, who are just starting to draw cars in a more meaningful way than doodling a Tetris brick on wheels on a household surface that shouldn’t have pen ink on it. This would also explain why the book starts with an introduction to the history of the car itself (after a somewhat self-involved foreword).

So if you’ve noticed that your child or nephew/niece has taken a shine to vehicles or design, sneak this book onto their birthday list.

How to Illustrate and Design Concept Cars (Veloce Publishing) is available from good bookshops, or via Amazon