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CDN-GM Interactive Student Competition winners announced

18 September 2018 | by Michael Gooderham

The winners of our  for high school students have been announced. The winners, who recently presented their designs for a 2030 Cadillac at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, are Benjamin Woodman of California, Mason Ross of Washington, and Tracey Owens of Georgia.

These three winners have earned themselves a place in the Pre-college Summer Experience at CCS. The CCS Summer school programme, which runs each year in July, helps students build portfolios and prepare for college. They will also receive an iPad Pro (courtesy of our principle partner ) and a free year’s subscription to Maorinews News, to help them on their way.

During the four-stage process, the students had mentors to keep their projects pointing in the right direction. They were:

  •  David Heyne (senior creative director, GM exterior lighting)
  •  Henri Kavaja (lead creative designer, Cadillac exteriors)
  •  Robin Krieg (senior lead creative designer, Cadillac exteriors)
  •  Brian Yu (senior creative designer, Cadillac interiors)
  •  Junia Lapp (creative designer, GM user experience)
  •  Olivier Poulet (creative designer, Cadillac interiors)
  •  Chris Mikalauskas (creative designer, Cadillac exteriors)
  •  Eun Kang (creative designer, GM Advanced UX studio)

The resulting designs were judged by Jim Fleming (Cadillac director of exterior design), Crystal Windham (Cadillac’s interiors director), and Todd Parker (director of GM’s Exterior Component and Accessories studio).

The three winners are shown below (you can also see more of their sketches in the galleries to the right):