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Burgoyne and Hope get a Chinese accolade

29 May 2018 | by Chris Maillard

Two car designers have been given a rather impressive compliment by the prestigious Chinese International Talent Exchange Conference; they were named as two of the 40 most influential foreign experts to have worked in and contributed to the country over the past 40 years.

Geely’s Head of Design, and director of their Shanghai studio, Guy Burgoyne, and James Hope, Director of Design at Chery, were the automotive design world’s representatives on a very impressive list – among others to be honoured were world-renowned mathematicians, linguists, medical experts, computer scientists and the director of the Chinese Central Ballet.

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China’s reform and ‘opening up’ to foreign talent was 40 years ago, and to celebrate that the annual conference’s own committee of experts selected 40 key overseas professionals and academics who had made the greatest contribution to China. To show the award’s importance, its WeChat voting page received more than 100 million visits and over 10,000 votes were received.

In a typically generous statement, Guy Burgoyne said: “This prize doesn’t belong to myself alone, it belongs to all people of our Geely Group Design and without Peter Horbury’s guidance and mentoring, and the trust and opportunity that Geely offers, I could not have achieved this.”

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