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BMW 3-Series (G20) leaks out early

01 October 2018 | by Michael Gooderham

Images of the new BMW 3-Series have made their way onto the internet ahead of the car’s debut at the Paris Motor Show, via BMW’s configurator. The images show the ‘Sport Line’, ‘M-Sport’ and initial flagship ‘M340i’ versions of the exterior, plus a couple of different interior configurations.

Sport Line white.jpg

The exterior is an evolution from the outgoing F80 generation’s design, maintaining that car’s proportions while taking in a few detail touches adapted from the new 8-Series coupé.

The headlights, which run straight into double-kidneys whose frames now join together in a single piece, have a notch taken out of the middle of the lower edge, much like the last-generation Peugeot. The simpler Sport Line has a T-shaped inset containing auxiliary driving lights, while the M-infused versions instead use fake grilles and a couple more creases to add aggression.

M-Sport rearleft.jpg

Along the side, the Hofmeister Kink graphic at the end of the DLO has been doubled-up, with the look of one being put upside down atop the other. Below it, a simple light catcher bends upwards to point at the rear bumper panel gap.

M-Sport rear.jpg

At the rear end, The M-Sport versions with smaller engines have two simple circular exhaust tips, while the M340i gets trapezoidal ones. Above them, the tail lights feature the same sculpted red hockey-stick treatment as the 8-Series and Z4, with toned-down indicators and reversers in a grey trapezium nestled within.


The interior again features some similar themes to the 8-Series, including the black plastic area full of buttons on a silver centre console which appears to run on underneath the leather-trimmed central storage bin lid. A control lever for the automatic transmission appears to be optional.


The layout of the HVAC controls and vents, plus the steering wheel and (optionally) the digital IP design, also carry over. Simpler dials and a plusher steering wheel are also available depending on trim level. A rectangular screen sits inside a trapezoidal glossy black surround.

More info will no doubt be released very soon. For now, see more images in the gallery.