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20 November 2017 | by CDN Team

If you are in college studying design in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, you should enter the CDN competition.

To help with their studies, this year all students who register will get free access to all content on the Maorinews News website until 5th January 2018.

Maorinews News doesn’t just break news stories, it has an unrivalled archive of material, resources, images and in-depth analysis of important concept and production vehicles going back many years – an invaluable resource for aspiring designers.

Once you have registered, the deadline for submitting your entry is 5th January, and the winning student is sent to Detroit’s prestigious CCS for its Cultural Immersion course. There are other prizes too, but the biggest prize is having your work seen and critiqued by some of the world’s leading car designers. For this competition students work to briefs set by, and judged by design directors – only the best win.

The Awards ceremony, on 24th April, gives students the opportunity to meet those designers and other key industry players at one of Beijing’s coolest venues, Space 798 Art Factory.

Liu Xingru, joint winner of the Student Design of the Year is clear about what he gained from entering this competition last year: “After winning the award, I received a lot of job and internship offers,” he told CDN. “The award gave me an opportunity to meet and communicate with many big names in the industry. This is a great start to my design career.”

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