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Tokyo 2017: Mitsubishi e-Evolution

25 October 2017 | by Chris Maillard

Despite a name that makes one sound like a sufferer from a mild stammer, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution is a striking and aggressive electric SUV which moves the three-pointed star brand into a more up-to-date area while attempting to retain its signature style.

IMG_1750 (1).jpg

It does come with a little corporate waffle attached, courtesy of MMC Head of Global Design Tsunehiro Kunimoto: “MMC has adopted a design philosophy under the title ‘Robust & Ingenious’. We aim to provide vehicles that fulfil our customers’ desires through outstanding design, combined with the power, authenticity and carefully-considered functionality MMC is known for,” he is quoted as saying in the company’s announcement. As soon as we can track him down, we’ll ask him to explain in plainer English.

But it’s a creditable effort from a company which has seemed a little stuck of late, with a range of once-interesting but badly ageing vehicles. It’s good to see that they’ve finally put some effort into producing a credible concept, and the e-Evolution is a bold step forward. 

Tokyo 2017