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Tokyo 2017: Isuzu gives the van some buzz

26 October 2017 | by Chris Maillard

With eBay, Amazon and many other online shopping services placing a new and unprecedented stress on the ‘last mile’ delivery structure, it’s perhaps surprising that we haven’t seen more innovative thinking in that type of vehicle.

With a few honourable exceptions like Mercedes’ Vision and this year’s Toyota Car Body van it seems a space that’s crying out for new thinking, and commercial vehicle specialists Isuzu stepped up this year with a visually striking concept, the FDS-I.

Part van, part beehive, it featured a central driving position and illuminated hexagonal external pods for cargo and packages, accessible from the exterior. Apparently inspired by insects’ group intelligence and honeycomb structures, it's certainly a wild-looking stab at reinventing the humble delivery van.

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Tokyo 2017