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Tokyo 2017: A torrent of Toyotas

25 October 2017 | by Chris Maillard

The Toyota stand at the Tokyo Show was almost embarrassingly full of concepts and new production vehicles in pretty much all classes – and if you included the commercial vehicle division alongside and the electric scooter prototype, there was little ground left uncovered.

IMG_1776 (1).jpg

Highlights included the chunky, brutalist TJ Cruiser, with its no-nonsense looks taking it firmly into Jeep territory; the latest iteration of the Concept-I family, a smaller, wheelchair-friendly transportation appliance with characteristic filigree body trim and white colour scheme; the upmarket but quirky Fine-Comfort Ride, which applied an updated MPV format to the luxury transport category (somewhat reminiscent of the ill-fated Renault Vel Satis of some years back) and, to throw a completely unique vehicle into the mix, the menacingly civilised and utterly timeless Century limousine. Oh, and the new sports car concept, the GR HV Sports, made an appearance too. 

IMG_1775 (1).jpg

Then next door in the commercial vehicles department were a cute, tiny concept entitled ‘Wonder-Capsule’ and a high-tech delivery van with a very flexible interior configuration and a striking trim treatment.

IMG_1768 (1).jpg

Why this embarrassment of riches? Nobody seemed sure. But they've certainly kept themselves busy. There's a gallery at right, and a couple of videos below. 

Tokyo 2017