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Fiat Uno Cabrio concept

25 October 2010

Since becoming director of design at the Centro Stile of Betim eight years ago, one of Peter Fassbender most challenging assignments had been to design a new generation of a Giugiaro classic – much loved in Brazil – the Fiat Uno.

Volkswagen RockeT concept

25 October 2010

The VW Brazil design center recently developed a new generation of its most important products, renewing the Gol's supermini family.

Rossin-Bertin Vorax

25 October 2010

The first Brazilian-designed limited-edition sports car in many years was revealed at 2010 Sao Paulo Auto Show.

Fiat Mio concept

25 October 2010

Fiat has been developing an open source design through the company's website since August 2009.

Chevrolet Montana

25 October 2010

Two years ago, GM Brazil unveiled the Chevrolet GPiX concept, designed locally under the direction of Carlos Barba. The concept defined the DNA of the Viva family, formed by the Agile, which has been sold in Latin America since 2009.

Fiat Uno Way Ecology concept

25 October 2010

Following the launch of the new Uno, Fiat Brazil presented the Ecology concept at the Sao Paulo Auto Show. The model shows how the company has approached the subject of sustainability. The car uses some of the technologies Fiat has investigated, which – sooner or later – may be seen on the road.

Renault Sand'up concept

30 October 2008

Renault's Brazilian arm unveiled the Sand'up concept, designed at the French automaker's recently opened satellite design center in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Fiat FCC2 concept

30 October 2008

The FCC2 concept unveiled by Fiat Automóveis is the quintessential definition of minimalistic automotive design.

Chevrolet GPiX concept

30 October 2008

This is another concept car that was developed locally with the adventure seeking Latin American market in mind.



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