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NY 2018: VW joins the truck pack

28 March 2018 | by Chris Maillard

On the principle of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’, Volkswagen revealed its latest concept at the New York show. And it’s a pickup truck. It’s a bit of a stretch from the Beetle, Golf and Up! but in a world where Ford’s F-series trucks sold nearly a million units last year it’s a market that can’t be ignored.


The VW truck, part of its Atlas range but also given its own name, Tanoak, is a very decent attempt at a roughly F-sized vehicle, with its concept status emphasised by extravagant light signatures front and rear (as one truck designer from another brand commented, exactly the sort of thing that would last about five minutes on a real truck).


There’s a clever sliding accessory/roll/mounting bar over the truck bed and plenty of nods to toughness such as towing eyes, chunky matt wheel arches and door edging, and the obligatory Tonka Toy tyres.


The interior is more conceptual and interesting than the exterior, with its own horizontal light signature adding a visual dash of excitement (and never mind the night vision).  


All told, it’s a determined bid to make a mark in the American utility market. Will the Tanoak go into production? It seems very likely.