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NY 2018: Subaru Forester takes the fifth

28 March 2018 | by Chris Maillard

The fifth generation of Subaru’s much-loved Forester (much-loved, at least, by a sort of country-dwelling, practical, independent-minded buyer) has just been launched, and bar a few relatively minor tweaks, the recipe seems much the same as before.


Its distinctive low bonnetline has survived more or less intact, though in common with many of this year’s crop of cars it’s sprouted more angles, folds, creases and jagged lines. 


There are a few flashes of accent colour across the sill mouldings and spoilers, echoed with some fairly bold splashes inside too, the headlamps are now aggressively angular, and there are some fairly chunky front vents.


It is still, however, recognisable as pretty much the same vehicle – emphasised by Subaru, as they showed the previous four versions on their stand too (see the sequence below, with bonus Subaru employee applying decals on the Mk3).