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NY 2018: Nissan Altima sharpens up

28 March 2018 | by Chris Maillard

It’s probably not the most exciting launch of the year for performance car enthusiasts, but Nissan’s mid-sized Camry/Accord rival the Altima has been given a very definite design upgrade for 2019, with far more angular styling featuring heavily. 


It now features an unusual trim line (somewhat reminiscent of the BMW i8) trailing backwards across its rear pillars, a distinctive and more vertical grille and an overall ethos that follows the current trend for edgier, more pointed transitions. It’s clearly been heavily influenced by the company’s Vmotion concept, which debuted at Detroit last year.


The interior has been refreshed too, though its American mid-market status seems to have necessitated a large-scale use of light grey/beige (greige?) materials. It's unlikely to offend anybody, unless you’re allergic to oatmeal.