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Los Angeles Show 2018 – and our first LA Forum

26 November 2018 | by Chris Maillard

Over the last few years the LA Auto Show seems to have thrived while other, more traditional shows have struggled a little. Maybe it’s that Los Angeles has always had a strong car culture, maybe it’s that today’s emphasis on technology has made Silicon Valley as important as Detroit, maybe it’s the way the show organisers have focused on mobility and the wider picture of future transport needs, or maybe it’s a combination of all those things.

This time round, we’re joining in the general future-centric vibe by hosting our own event, the inaugural CDN LA Forum on Wednesday 28th. There’s much more information on , but in brief, we’ve rounded up some of the most eminent and interesting experts working in automotive and asked them to share their ideas of the future of the car, where we’re heading next, and much more. It’ll be utterly fascinating and thoroughly mind-expanding, and if you can't be there you'll be able to catch highlights here on this site and via . We’ll also be posting video of the sessions up here shortly after the event, so keep an eye out for those.

Of course, there’s also a car show to cover, and we’ll be bringing you the launches as they happen. Expect some very cool concepts and a lot of electric and mobility ideas to surface during the show, both from big manufacturers and some new and niche names

Look out for us on , and too, where we'll be sharing interesting news, photos and snippets of inside information from the show floor. There’s always a great supporting cast of hot rods, dragsters, custom vehicles and much more, so stay tuned from tomorrow onwards for the full LA experience. Cool.

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