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LA 2018: Hyundai Palisade

29 November 2018 | by Karl Smith

Hyundai revealed its large three-row SUV, the Palisade, on Wednesday. 

An eight-passenger (supposedly...) SUV with plenty of creature comforts, the Palisade is meant to compete with similar products from Toyota and Nissan, but also more upscale versions of Chevrolets and GMC family haulers, and even the odd Escalade buyer.


The Palisade is clearly meant for upscale family hauling with power seats in all three rows, wireless charging, seven USB ports, and "Smartsense" safety technology.

The exterior is handsome enough for this class, but it is such a late entry, that it is a bit difficult to care about the design. One thing that was impressive was its aerodynamic tuning, surprisingly detailed for a vehicle of this type. The Cd is only 0.33.


The Palisade is so late to the party, it is difficult to see it having an effect on the market, beyond the dedicated Hyundai buyer. But the market for SUVs in North America seems endless, so look for the Palisade to be a solid, if unremarkable seller.