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LA 2018: Five cars everyone is talking about

30 November 2018 | by Karl Smith

We caught up with a lot of designers at the LA Show, and there were a number of cars that seemed to have caught everyone's attention. So here’s a list of them, in no particular order. More detailed information can be found in the accompanying articles here on CDN live.


1) Rivian

Both Rivian vehicles – the truck and SUV though in the production preview stage, are very complete and seem showroom ready. The front end styling is a bit of an acquired taste, but it generated a lot of discussion. The Rivian stand was very architectural and could prove to be a prototype of future dealerships. 


2) BMW iNext

Controversial even before it was unveiled here, the iNext nose, with its strange possible-kidney grille has won wide derision from critics and press alike. The rest of the car has not fared much better. Even the CDN team is divided about the car. Whether any of its forms, surfaces, and graphics ever sees the production light of day, it certainly has garnered a lot of attention.


3) Mazda 3

Kodo comes to the compact class of cars with the Mazda 3. Mazda presented both a sedan and a hatchback. The sedan was generally deemed the more successful of the two, though the hatchback's rear end had attendees caressing and assessing its curvy flanks. Whatever you might think of either car, it was a bold stroke for a class of cars currently struggling in the marketplace.


4) Audi e-tron GT concept

The latest e-tron from Audi, roughly the size and silhouette of the A7, has controversial styling from Marc Lichte's team. The technical details, in theory, make for impressive performance. But the surfacing and character lines running along its flanks have brought a great deal of critique to the discussion of the future of Audi design.


5) Porsche 911

Any new Porsche will bring both cries of ‘Hosannah!’ and howls of derision from the Porsche faithful and the design community. The new 911 is no different, with particular focus on the mask and rear of the new eighth generation car.


Honorable mention: Ceci n’est pas une Volvo

As a bonus, the car-less Volvo stand certainly had tongues wagging. A bit too clever in its concept and critique of the car? Probably. The cars returned for the second day of the show anyway, for the public to poke around.