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LA 2017: Toyota FT-AC concept

30 November 2017 | by Joe Simpson

Day two of the LA show, and Toyota revealed a new SUV concept, the FT-AC. The interior-less SUV reads like a trend-of-trends concept. Acid lime colourway? Check. Split colour roof? Check. Cladded-to-the-nines? Check. Floating wheel arch extensions? Check. Lifestyle addenda (a sweet Specialized bike slung out back)? Check… The list goes on.


The most interesting detail aspect of the design is the way that exterior lighting and cameras have been integrated, so users can record their trail blazing (or perhaps that should be mall parking lot circling) endeavours. Some of the units are cameras, some are lighting units – which double as a flash to aid the camera – or can be ‘snapped out’ for you to use as a torch beyond the vehicle. All controlled by an app on your phone, and wi-fi enabled. Pity wi-fi tends to be a bit scarce out in the wilderness, eh?


Sarcasm aside, while the FT-AC isn’t a new typology of vehicle or as well resolved as some of the recent concepts from the firm’s CALTY division, it does hit a sweet spot in terms of the style of products Americans currently want — far less demure, more aggressive and visually ‘chunky’ than the firm’s similarly sized, but bland, RAV4.


And at a decidedly quiet LA show, it was utterly mobbed by the media and interested parties. That’s perhaps unsurprising, given it represents the most interesting, and unpredicted debut here — Bangle’s Reds aside.