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LA 2017: Subaru Ascent, er, 360

30 November 2017 | by Joe Simpson

Subaru’s big LA news is the new Ascent — a three-row SUV, which, to these European eyes is more of a high-riding estate car. But if they called it that, no one in the USA would buy it.


Anyway, Subaru’s US sales have been growing for years, and there’s little to suggest the new car will do anything but help that... despite the cabin materials, colour and trim being right out of the ’80s. (Those Euro eyes again).


Stealing the limelight, though, was the 1968 360. Subaru celebrates its 50th year in the US in 2018, and to celebrate it brought along its first production vehicle sold in the US.


Visually mixing elements of the Nuova Cinquecento with the Isetta, and finished in an unusual shade of cream with hints of pistachio, our favourite detail was the gold, first-iteration Subaru stars badge.