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LA 2017: Live from Los Angeles

28 November 2017 | by CDN Team

We'll be in the home of disgraced movie moguls and hair metal for the next few days, covering all the action from the Los Angeles Auto Show 2017.

It will kick off on Tuesday 28th with a full day of wide-ranging debate on the future of transportation. Watch out for deep and meaningful insights on autonomous vehicles, ride sharing, the changing shape of cities in the next few years and a distinct lack of mentions of sensible stuff like pickup trucks and diesel engines.

The next day or two will be a more traditional car show, but watch out for a few experimental high-tech concepts, as befits the closest show to Silicon Valley (though January's CES is a close competitor for techy hipness).  There should also be a number of very cool cars referencing the strong tradition of customisation and car culture in California – watch out for metalflake paint, chromed alloys or fake wood panels with roof-mounted surfboards, for instance. 

The big manufacturers will have some more mainstream reveals, too, and there’ll be the usual American marques whose full ranges rarely make it outside the USA (Lincoln, GMC, Dodge et al).

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LA 2017