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LA 2017: Lincoln Nautilus and MKC

30 November 2017 | by Karl Smith

Ford's luxury division, Lincoln, has launched its new mid-size SUV, the Nautilus, which replaces the MKX.

The Nautilus is really a refreshed MKX, but with significant improvements that have come with the development of larger siblings the Continental and the Navigator.


The overall styling is much the same, but with a new nose that brings its front graphic, and in particular, the grille, in line with the rest of the Lincoln family.

Under the hood there are several engine options, but all are now turbocharged, delivering significant more power and and efficiency.


On the interior, technology options from the Navigator and Continental have been included in the Nautilus, with an available Revs stereo system, multiple power ports and numerous infotainment options.

And finally there is the name. Lincoln is gradually rolling out names that suggest travel, and the Nautilus is both a famous submarine of the US Navy and, of course, the submarine from the fictional classic, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.


The MKX is Lincoln's best seller, so there is some risk of confusing the consumer with this change, but we doubt it will have much impact on sales. The idea of actual names for cars has been gaining traction for some time, especially for a heritage marque like Lincoln.

Finally, Lincoln has also refreshed its C-segment crossover, the MKC (below). The big difference is the new nose which matches the styling treatment on its larger siblings. Expect this new nose to make an appearance on Lincoln's other offerings over the next 18 months or so.