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LA 2017: New (subtly revised) Jeep Wrangler

30 November 2017 | by Karl Smith

Jeep had previously revealed the new Wrangler in photographs, so there were no real surprises at the launch Wednesday afternoon. Nevertheless, the new Wrangler got rock star treatment at the reveal, which was one of the most well-attended of the day.


At first glance, the new Wrangler looks barely different from the old one. However, the form has been very subtly tweaked with low-key character lines, a new grille design and rounded roof edges.


The front wheels have been pulled forward and the belt line lowered to make the Jeep look longer (which it is, but how much depends on the version). Combined with lighter materials and improved aerodynamics, it makes for a lighter, but more powerful off roader.


The interior is similarly upgraded with new infotainment technology and interior appointments. The windscreen is a new design that folds down with a twist of a few bolts and leaves the rearview mirror in place.

FCA is not about to radically change an American classic. These tweaks to the basic package refresh what was already a Jeep best-seller. We expect it will continue to sell well for the foreseeable future.

LA 2017 Jeep