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LA 2017: GMC Sierra All Mountain 2500HD

30 November 2017 | by Karl Smith

GMC, General Motors truck division brought their Sierra All Mountain 2500HD truck to the Show, looking as lost as Chrysler’s . This GMC concept truck is built for mountain sports where heavy snow is the default condition. Instead of wheels it has a full set of Mattracks 150 Series tracks at the corners.


The GMC has a standard Duramax 6.6-litre V8 and a six-speed Allison transmission. The Duramax produces 440 horsepower and a mind-bending 910 pounds of torque. It should be capable of hauling anything up a mountain.


The concept, developed in conjunction with resorts in Vail, Colorado, will be running around all winter season there.

Interestingly, one imagines that, though built for snow, it could be an excellent all-season off-road monster in California's beaches, deserts, and mountains. We’d also like to try it out on LA’s notorious freeways. Maybe not so fast with those tracks, but the respect you would get would be priceless.