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Geneva 2018: Meet the Lvchi/IDEA Venere

07 March 2018 | by Karl Smith

LVCHI (pronounced loo-chee) and I.D.E.A. Institute introduced an executive saloon concept at the Geneva show, named the Venere. The four-seat luxury car features a leather-wrapped interior with reclining business-class style seats, panoramic sunroof and a multitude of screens for instrumentation, navigation and infotainment. The interior shown is apparently production-ready, not a concept mock-up.


The car sports a bespoke electric power system with a special battery layout that eliminates cooling coils. The 100kw/h pack sits in a carbon fibre chassis.


The car is loaded with the latest driver assistance technology and is available with level three autonomy, with level four promised soon.

The car actually runs and has been clocked at 286kph (about 167mph). LVCHI plans a limited run of the Venere in 2019, when the brands’ other vehicles are scheduled to come to market.

Look out for a more in-depth report on the Venere and the LVCHI/I.D.E.A. Institute partnership in the near future – in the meantime there are more pictures in the gallery at right.

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