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Geneva 2018: Cuteness overload

08 March 2018 | by Karl Smith

We were strolling around the Geneva show, taking in our first impressions of the various offerings, when who should we meet but Chris Bangle, prowling Palexpo looking for signs of life in the automobile industry. When asked about his initial impressions of the show, Bangle did not hold back, with a characteristically insightful (and pleasantly barbed) analysis. One of his observations is that there “was so much ‘Cute’ everywhere.”


A resurrected Isetta, wind-up key apparently not included…

We couldn’t help but agree. So we took a little photographic survey and are posting it here, with a gallery of the show’s cutest offerings on the right.

Why all the cute? Perhaps it is a reaction to the snarling front masks and evil DRGs we have seen over the last decade. Perhaps it’s a response to urbanists, bicycle advocates, regulators, and other groups that consider the automobile as Public Enemy Number 1. These cars seem to be saying, “See, we’re not so bad. Look how cute we are!”

Whatever the reasons, we will let you look through the gallery and decide for yourself why cute is suddenly cool.


Electric Morgan – cute and tiny


This little Honda concept has been a world traveler since its introduction in Frankfurt last year


This new Peugeot Kitty is NOT cute. He just wants you to know that

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