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Geneva 2018: Did you spot..?

12 March 2018 | by Nick Hull

1: Volvo’s new XC40 features a Swedish flag in the hood panel shutgap, to match the subtle flag motifs below the cabin air vents. It’s an adhesive neoprene tag that is not standard but a dealer accessory fit. Neat – but how many car washes will that survive?


2: The new Citroen Berlingo and its sister the Peugeot Rifter have a clever full-length roof console with an edge-lit dome lamp that runs the length of the cabin. There’s also a neat rear storage box, accessible from both the rear seat and the trunk. A clever solution that maximises the lofty roof volume as a new storage space.


3: The Morgan Plus 8 50th sports a stencilled ‘8’ motif. There are several layers of subtlety here: it is lightly sprayed onto an open mesh surface, then hidden underneath the vertical grille bars.


4: The Polestar 1’s electric cables are all on display at the rear of the trunk. All coloured golden, to match the brake calipers and seatbelts.

Jeep Wrangler.JPG

5: Jeep Wrangler European launch: probably the first new vehicle with a folding screen for several decades. It’s not actually flat glass, there is a (very slight) curvature to it.

Peug 508.JPG

6: The new Peugeot 508’s rear fender line runs across the trunk shutline. Really novel or horribly awkward? The jury is still out…


7: The recently restored Bertone Marzal was at the show, and it was great to see this 1967 masterpiece again. But we had forgotten how it invented the elongated hexagon motif, since copied many times as a standard sporty grille texture. It was used throughout the design, from centre console to matte black rear window blind. That window blind is fabricated from sheets of aluminium, each riveted together. Painstaking.


8: The Hyundai Auto Vision concept’s inner door surface is linked to the outer skin by machined aluminium brackets to create a tunnel void that encapsulates the cabin.

tesla 3.JPG

9: The Tesla Model 3’s trunk hinges are set high up alongside the rear window. This gives an intriguing shutline condition and frees up the trunk aperture for wider access and a higher trunklid swing.

Tata E Vision.JPG

10: The Tri-Arrow motif in the Tata E Vision concept’s grille not only becomes fragmented as it moves out from the centre but is actually composed of metal pins. Unusual and interesting.

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