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Detroit 2018: Infiniti Q Inspiration

15 January 2018 | by Farah Alkhalisi

New and advanced future powertrains - i.e. electric, but perhaps not excluding hydrogen or other options - demand a new form language, Infiniti believes, and the Q Inspiration is an exploration on that theme. Its long coupe-like sedan body is, in itself, not a new idea, but the flat floor and reduced interior clutter that an electric powertrain brings has allowed for greater experimentation inside.

The floating rear-seat glass screens and distinct passenger areas  – divided by the thin console running down the centre – point to a tech theme for the brand's upcoming luxury sedans, too, although this cool white minimalism  in colour and trim might not work quite so well in real life. 

The curved tail, with slender light graphic stretching between strong, almost bulbous haunches, is more minimal than the face and front facia, too, which has some complex details - and a slightly marine, sea-creature look, perhaps, with its gently-lined 'grille' (not really an air intake, since there's no engine) rather reminiscent of a whale's baleen plates. There's no shortage of sharp angles to break up the mass, however, and the surfacing is highlighted by the pearly white finish.