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Detroit 2018: GAC Enverge Keeps Things On-Trend

16 January 2018 | by Michael Gooderham

GAC, part of Guangzhou automotive group, has unveiled its new concept crossover EV. Called the Enverge, it ticks just about every fashionable box there is to tick at the moment.

The Enverge, measuring in at 4350mm long, 2020mm wide and 1700mm high with a 2650mm wheelbase, is activated by the user's voice, turning on the slim LED lights and opening the vast dihedral butterfly-wing doors on each side (which adds to the car's 'Flying Dynamics' philosophy).


Furthering the gadgetry is a roof box for storing drones, hoverboards and other cool millennial things like that. Meanwhile, the front foglights can be detatched and used as torches for when you're engaging in your active lifestyle outdoors in the evening, perhaps on a camping trip as you build a fire to gather round before playing the guitar.


The cabin is both sparse and intricately detailed. The front seats are given a 'floating' effect when looking in from outside as they're supported by the central structure, while in similar vein the headrests are suspended from the ceiling.

The rear bench is one piece with a dividing structure in the middle to limit you to four occupants overall. They're made of what GAC is calling a 3D-knitted fabric.


The HMI is contained entirely within a narrow screen that stretches around 80 percent of the way across the interior, in front of which sits a narrow, F1-style steering wheel with minimal touch controls on it.


Like any good student project now, the side windows are iced and from the outside there appears to be no DLO in the bodysides. This is because augmented-reality technology will be used to make the view out better than real life.

That said, the exterior does still give the impression of a DLO-like presence, almost like an EV's pretend grille, which it does by fading the light catcher back in above the waistline and creating a protruding surface near the rear pillar.


The Enverge is powered by a 71kWh battery, feeding electricity to a 175kW motor which produces 410NM torque to allow a 0-62mph (0-100km/h) sprint time of in 4.4s.

The claimed range is 600km, two thirds of which can be charged into the car in just 10 minutes using a fast-charge system. If you don't have one to hand, it also carries wireless charging capabilities.


GAC is trying to get America's attention at the moment. We learned at their show stand that they are aiming to sell the GS8 SUV in the USA at the end of next year. The Enverge is part of their globalisation strategy and was conceived to attract American youths in preparation for the brand's eventual entry to this other massive car market. Good luck to them.