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Detroit 2019: A full-house of full-width lamps

16 January 2019

A now fully-established trend, separated lights need not apply...

Detroit 2019: Earth tones and warm metals make for cosy cabins

16 January 2019

Worried your future AV will be too cold and robotic? The colour & trim department have got you covered

Detroit 2019: The EyesOn Design Awards

15 January 2019

Prestigious panel hands out prizes to the show’s standout cars

Detroit 2019: Pontus Fontaeus on the GAC Entranze concept

15 January 2019

Designed from the inside out. Here's how...

Detroit 2019: Lexus LC chief designer on the LC Convertible concept

15 January 2019

The roofless LC looks suspiciously well resolved for a concept

Detroit 2019: Nissan’s ‘sinister’ IMs electric sedan concept

15 January 2019

The IMs's lead designer tells us the thinking behind this high-riding electric sedan

Detroit 2019: Hyundai Palisade explained

14 January 2019

Design head SangYup Lee shows us round his three-row SUV

Detroit 2019: Lincoln commits suicide doors

14 January 2019

The long-wheelbase luxury limo regains its distinctive apertures

Detroit 2019: Infiniti QX Inspiration

14 January 2019

EV SUV blends Japanese inspiration with big-screen tech

Detroit 2019: Toyota’s Tetsuya Tada on the new Supra

14 January 2019

A Q&A with the father of the fifth Supra

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