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Beijing 2018: HK & Pininfarina

30 April 2018 | by Chris Maillard

One of the most revered names in car design, Pininfarina, has been busy producing highly elegant concepts for the Chinese-based Hybrid Kinetic brand, and several were showcased on the company’s Beijing stand.

We’ve taken the opportunity to show some more pictures of the splendid gull-winged HK GT, even though it was launched earlier this year in Geneva, as it’s a lovely thing, with its hints of Mercedes SLR and dramatically swoopy aluminium bodywork.


However, brand new and considerably more relevant, particularly to the Chinese market, was the K350 SUV. Looking quite production-ready, the mid-sized crossover’s pearly white bodywork contained a fairly radically-styled interior. Will that make it through to production? Check out our gallery, on the right, for more shots.