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Nissan Leaf

04 December 2009

The Nissan Leaf is probably the most significant car of the Tokyo Motor Show.

Toyota FT-86

04 December 2009

Having made a name for eco with the Prius, now Toyota looks set to define ego with its new 2+2 coupe, the FT-86. And it looks superb.

Honda EV-N

04 December 2009

The EV -N is a sub three-meter fully electric four-seat city car intended as part of a future Zero Emission system incorporating the U3-X personal mobility device, EV Cub and EV Monpal.

Subaru Hybrid Tourer

04 December 2009

Created in Subaru's advanced design studio in Mitaka, this hybrid concept plays heavily on its Grand Touring aspirations and less on its eco credentials.

Nissan Land Glider

04 December 2009

The Nissan Land Glider is the latest in a recent flurry of tandem-style concept cars that propose a one-plus-one seating arrangement - think Renault Twizy and VW L1 - where a single passenger sits behind the driver in a narrow-bodied and low-slung vehicle.

Daihatsu Deca Deca

04 December 2009

Japan is the land that invented the boxcar, so it's entirely fitting that Daihatsu chose the 2009 Tokyo motor show to launch its latest and one of its tallest: the Deca Deca concept.

Toyota FT-EV II

04 December 2009

The first FT-EV was based on the iQ, and now Toyota is previewing the production model due 2012.

Honda Skydeck

04 December 2009

It may be called the Skydeck for show’s sake, but underneath the concept car makeover is Honda’s next Stream, the brand’s mid-sized MPV for Japan and formerly the European market.