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Mitsuoka Orochi

25 October 2007

Mitsuoka, best known for those Jaguar Mk2 look-alikes based on Nissan Micras, was showing three examples of the new Orochi supercar here at the Tokyo Show.

Lexus LF-Xh

25 October 2007

The LF-Xh is a taster for the forthcoming successor for the current RX series of luxury SUVs that Lexus will reposition to compete with BMW's new X6, complete with more coupe-like looks and hybrid drivetrain.

Subaru G4e

25 October 2007

The G4e was the most advanced of three new cars exhibited by Subaru at Tokyo, the others being the more conventional Exiga seven-seat wagon concept and the new Impreza WRX STi production car. The G4e is Subaru's latest testbed for an electrical vehicle with lithium-ion batteries packaged under the floor and a 200km range between charges, all clothed in a body similar in size to a Mercedes A-Class.

Mitshubishi Concept ZT

25 October 2007

The ZT is Mitsubishi's showcase for its latest technology, including the new 2.2 diesel engine, S-AWC electronic 4WD vehicle dynamics control and other advanced safety features.

Nissan NV200

25 October 2007

The NV200 concept shows a possible design direction for a future global Nissan van.

Honda Fit

25 October 2007

The new 2008 Honda Fit (Jazz in Europe) is a good example of how to update a car without losing the essential character that made it so successful first time around.

Honda CR-Z

25 October 2007

This is the third version of a new CR-X successor that Honda have shown lately and is much closer to production-ready in style than the Remix or Hybrid Sports concepts shown earlier.

Nissan GTR

25 October 2007

The GT-R has long been an iconic car in Japan and its appeal has spread, largely as a result of starring in Sony's Playstation 'Gran Turismo' games and movies such as '2 Fast 2 Furious'.


25 October 2007

CDN thought the Toyota i-Swing was one of the landmark vehicles of the 2005 Tokyo show so it's good to see other makers expand on this 1-person mobility idea that is uniquely suited to Japan.

Nissan Round Box

25 October 2007

The exterior of the Round Box concept follows the current Japanese trend for concept cars featuring a predominantly square base section, with wheels pushed to the extreme corners and a more rounded upper body and cabin.