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Bugatti Veyron

19 October 2005

It's been a long time coming but the production Veyron was finally launched for customers at the Tokyo show.

Mitsubishi i

19 October 2005

The 'i' is the new production Kei-minicar from Mitsubishi that replaces the previous Minica/Toppo range and offers a highly original package with many new advantages for a small urban car.

Daihatsu UFE-III concept

19 October 2005

The UFE-III is the third generation of Daihatsu?s ?ultra fuel economy? concept, first shown at Tokyo in 2001.

Toyota Estima concept

19 October 2005

This is a concept car preview of the forthcoming Estima (Previa in Europe), Toyota?s large MPV.

Nissan Amenio concept

19 October 2005

The Amenio gives an idea of what the next generation Nissan Elegrand (a large MPV sold only in Japan) will be like, which is interesting to compare to the similarly sized Toyota Estima production preview concept also showing at Tokyo.

Hyundai Neos-3 concept

19 October 2005

According to Hyundai, this is a CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) but to most onlookers it appears as a straightforward luxury SUV in the guise of the Lexus RX330 or BMW X5.

Suzuki PX concept

19 October 2005

Increasingly we are seeing car design students producing small monospace leisure vehicles that are in concept much like a shrunken Volkswagen Microbus.

Nissan Note Adidas concept

19 October 2005

Nissan seems to be serious about the potential of co-branding opportunities; two years ago they showed the Conran Cube and this year they are showing the Note Adidas concept car.

Ferrari GG50 concept

19 October 2005

A Ferrari show car. A concept car by the world?s most famous car designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, celebrating 50 years in car design.

Toyota i-Swing concept

19 October 2005

The i-Swing is Toyota's proposal for a new form of personal mobility, following on from the i-Unit shown at the recent EXPO 2005 and IAA shows.