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Changfeng M1A

20 April 2007

This compact MPV was another new production car presented with a few trim elements that will likely not make it to series production.

Nanjing MG

20 April 2007

The Nanjing-MG range debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show - a highlight in all ways - except none of the cars are new designs.

Geely Mk

20 April 2007

The Geely Mk is a C-sector estate concept. Based on a conventional production package, the main conceptual elements of the design are at the front and rear of the car.

Great Wall SUV

20 April 2007

At first glance this Great Wall SUV - like other Great Wall cars - appears to be a blatent copy of the Fiat Panda.

Chana CV8

20 April 2007

The Chana is yet another Chinese market car with a 'drop-eye' lamp graphic and slightly fussy front aspect, but is otherwise a generically handsome and well-resolved C-sector sized sedan.

Dongfeng Liuzhou Ying Yi

20 April 2007

The design brief for this new mini-MPV was clearly unequivocal - copy the Mitsubishi Grandis.

Great Wall i7

20 April 2007

Great Wall is not a company that prides itself on producing vehicles with unique design attributes.

Chery Tiggo 6

20 April 2007

The Tiggo 6 is another new Chery designed by Bertone. This compact SUV is similar in size, proportions and in its archetype SUV design theme to the compact Opel Antara and Chevrolet Captiva.

Brillance FRV

20 April 2007

The FRV is a fairly generic, slightly old-proportioned C-segment hatchback making its show debut in Shanghai in one of the most popular current car colours in China: green.


20 April 2007

This new D-sector four-door sedan is an archetypal Shanghai debut: handsomely conservative in its proportions, well-resolved, and mixing elements of existing Western car designs.


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