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Kia Sorento R

10 April 2009

As a car that Kia hopes will not only hold its own against domestic rivals but will also take the brand up a step in terms of perceived quality in North America, the Sorento R SUV took center stage at the company's Seoul show stand.

Renault Samsung SM3

10 April 2009

Renault Samsung's design center, which is located in Gihung (just outside Seoul), has been responsible for a number of significant works, most notably the production version of the Koleos SUV launched in 2008.

Ssangyong C200 concept

10 April 2009

Ssangyong Motors, former subsidiary of Shanghai Automotive, has had a nightmarish beginning to 2009, with plummeting sales, bankruptcy, the SAIC Group's waiver, and even an accusation of industrial espionage surfacing within the last three months.

Hyundai Equus

10 April 2009

While the recent success of the Genesis and Genesis Coupe in a tough economic climate is undeniably boosting Hyundai's brand credibility, it is perhaps the new Equus sedan that stands to benefit most from this recent upturn in the company's fortunes.

Renault Samsung eMX concept

10 April 2009

Until now, the Renault Samsung Motor Alliance (it would much rather be called RSM) has been largely perceived as a company that does the things the ‘easy way', displaying out-of-date Renault concepts at the last few Seoul shows.

Kia VG concept

10 April 2009

The VG is a front-wheel-drive sedan that has been handed the significant task of lowering the manufacturer's median purchasing age in North America, which currently hovers around 50 years old.

Hyundai HND-4 'Blue Will' concept

10 April 2009

Albeit a concept, the HND-4 (Hyundai Namyang Design 4) ‘Blue-Will' is the first-ever plug-in hybrid vehicle from Hyundai.

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