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Paris 2016: Lexus UX offers ideas aplenty

30 September 2016

Concept packed with ideas proves Lexus is still filled with unrealised potential

Paris 2016: Lexus spins spider silk into flexible seating

30 September 2016

Try saying synthetic spider silk three times fast

Paris 2016: Crisp Skoda Kodiaq clobbers confused Audi Q5

30 September 2016

Skoda upsets the hierarchy by introducing the VW Group’s best SUV design

Paris 2016: Peugeot’s 5008 and 3008 make a pair

30 September 2016

Two mid-size Peugeots for the price of one

Paris 2016: Cars of the silver screen

30 September 2016

Hall 8 turns up its usual curios – this times it’s cars from the movies

Paris 2016: Citroën C3 and Nissan Micra are the soft and sharp of superminis

30 September 2016

Different takes on the small-car format, with varying degrees of success

Paris 2016: Citroën CXperience is as sharp as citrus

30 September 2016

Sleek sedan concept is one of our stars of the show

Paris 2016: Mercedes Generation EQ explores electro-fusion

29 September 2016

Benz blends a host of formats to create the first EV for its new family

Paris 2016: Porsche Panamera rewards the decisive

29 September 2016

New HMI is impressive when the car is standing still…

Paris 2016: Hyundai RN30 leaves the caps lock on

29 September 2016

Shouty concept leaves you in no doubt that Hyundai is the sporty one, right?