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Toyota Auris Space concept

28 July 2006

The Auris is one of the most important new car debuts at Paris. For this is the car that will replace the Corolla, the world's best selling car.

Venturi Eclectic

28 July 2006

At Paris this year an unusual highlight was a three-seater zero emission city vehicle able to run on a combination of electricity, solar energy and even wind power.

Ford Mondeo Wagon concept

28 July 2006

This is the preview of the new 2007 Mondeo, which is likely to debut at Geneva next spring.

Lancia Delta HPE concept

28 July 2006

The Lancia Delta of 1980 was the first compact front wheel drive Lancia, sharing its platform with the same size Strada from parent company Fiat, and was one of the most distinctively elegant cars in the class as well as one of Giugiaro's best designs.

Hyundai Arnejs concept

28 July 2006

A near-production concept for a C-segment car, at first sight, Arnejs - pronounced 'Ar-nez' - reminds one of other C-segment vehicles such as BMW's 1-series, the previous Ford Focus and even Mazda's Sassou concept.

Renault Nepta concept

28 July 2006

The Nepta follows a relatively long line of luxury orientated car types that Renault has shown as concepts over the years: the Initiale of 1995, the Vel Satis of 1998, the Talisman of 2001 and the Fluence in 2004.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

28 July 2006

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione has been a long time coming.

Renault Koleos concept

28 July 2006

The Koleos concept of 2000 signposted that Renault was set to move into the SUV crossover sector. Six years later the Koleos concept being shown at Paris suggests that this move is now imminent.

Peugeot 908 RC concept

28 July 2006

Peugeot concept cars in recent years have tended to have had little relevance to the brand or the development of the brand's production car design language.

Skoda Joyster concept

28 July 2006

The Joyster concept is the first designed under the leadership of Skoda Auto's new Chief of Design, Jens Manske, who replaced Thomas Ingenlath in January this year.


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