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Porsche Boxster and Cayman facelifts

01 December 2008

The current generation Cayman from 2005 and its soft top twin, the second generation Boxster from 2004, were designed in parallel with the 997.

Kia Soul

01 December 2008

This is the US market debut of the Soul, officially launched in Paris last month after Kia showed the design in Geneva as a concept preview earlier this year.

Lexus RX

01 December 2008

The new RX SUV was unveiled this week at the LA Auto Show, ten years after the first generation RX debuted in LA and 20 years after the Lexus brand was announced at the LA show.


01 December 2008

This new 3 is one of the most important production debuts in LA.

Honda FC Sport concept

01 December 2008

The FC Sport was the only significant concept car debut at LA. According to Dave Marek, Chief Designer of the Advanced Design studio where the concept was designed, the decision to display the car in LA was a late one from Honda and the car was done on a very limited budget.

Nissan Cube

01 December 2008

The debut of new Cube in LA happened in parallel with an unveiling event in Japan and at Nissan's European design studios in London, indicating the company's intentions to make the redesigned ‘box' an international product offering.

Ford Mustang

01 December 2008

This is the sixth-generation Ford Mustang, a nameplate that has been in production since mid-1964, and a car which has become an American icon.

Nissan 370Z

01 December 2008

The 370Z is the most exciting new production design to debut at the LA Auto Show, although it actually debuted on October 29 in the latest Need for Speed driving game - a world first for a production car design.