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BMW 5 Series

04 August 2015

That old adage, "Same sausage, different length'" comes to mind here. The one thing that Chris Bangle always derided appears exactly to have happened with this latest F10 5 Series. Seeing the car next to the bigger 7 Series it's easier to appreciate the differences: there's a more coupe-like greenhouse; the bone line at the shoulder terminates above the front wheelarch; the headlamps turn down at the ends, not up as on the 7. There are some appealing surfaces up close too: the hood has an unusual recessed center section, narrowing in on the BMW emblem, which now sits on the bumper molding, closer to the grille than the 7 Series, while the vertical grille vanes have a new change of section cutting back towards the top edge. Inside, the center console is inclined seven degrees towards driver and the clumsy ‘Bactrian camel with two humps' IP of the old E60 has now gone - replaced with a far cleaner treatment to the upper surface. The notably slim IP impression is created via a combination of a high center tunnel, a sharply inclined underscuttle and a broad décor band that runs across the car. We noted the subtle changes of section within this décor band, part of the more fluid form language that's a hallmark of recent BMW interiors. The switchgear is clearly arranged too, helped by the use of ‘Black Panel' technology as on the new 5GT. Other new features include Night Vision, Parking Assistant, Auto Start-Stop and an 8-speed auto transmission, no less. In all, it's bit of a repeat of the E39 5 Series: there's not a line wrong here, it's all perfectly harmonious, just a bit underwhelming. More specifically, the car doesn't have as much presence as expected, and it's nothing like as charismatic as the previous E60. Familiarity on the roads will doubtless make the F10 differences easier to spot given time, but it's a shame the 3, 5 and 7 Series are once again so similar.

Mercedes F800 Style

02 April 2010

We always get worried when we hear the F-moniker on a Mercedes concept: uh-oh, they're the wacky ones devised by engineering – more a piece of eccentrically-wrapped technology rather than a svelte showcar.

Opel Flextreme GT/E

02 April 2010

The Flextreme GT/E is Opel's way of showing that the oily and electrical bits under the Ampera can work in other sectors too. As an extended range electric vehicle (E-REV) it is, according to design director Mark Adams, proof that "electric cars can be sexy, exciting and aspirational".

Peugeot SR1

02 April 2010

The SR1 makes its international show debut in Geneva despite Peugeot going public with the car soon after the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.

Porsche 918 Spyder

02 April 2010

The Porsche 918 Spyder was possibly the biggest surprise in Geneva. Very few people knew about this car including, apparently, the design management at Volkswagen!

Nissan Juke

02 April 2010

Radically styled it may be, but plans for Nissan's new Juke small crossover are far from niche-only: the Japanese brand plans to sell about 20,000 Jukes in a full year with 80 percent conquest sales.

Mini Countryman

02 April 2010

Mini's new Countryman 'crossover', the first model in the range to measure more than four-meters in length, was an expected debut in Geneva, and its been a theme that BMW has been toying with for years with numerous concepts revealed from Geneva to Detroit.

Lexus CT 200h

02 April 2010

One of the more significant debuts in Geneva, the CT200h is the production version of the car previewed by the LF-Ch in Frankfurt last year.

Citroen Survolt

02 April 2010

Hot pink butting up to gloss blue; matte gray nestling closely with orange and chrome detailing.

Volvo S60

02 April 2010

Competing head to head with premium, upper medium sedans such as the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, the new production S60, which sits in the Volvo range between the S40 and S80 sedans, was previewed by the S60 concept shown at the NAIAS last year.


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