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Kia Kee

25 September 2007

Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer and his Frankfurt design team - headed by Gregory Guillaume - admit it's no coincidence that the Kee name plays on the word 'key' because that is how essential they believe this concept is for the future direction of Kia design

Volkswagen Tiguan

25 September 2007

The Tiguan is conceptually very close to the Ford Kuga that also made its debut at this year's Frankfurt show: a compact SUV crossover based on a European lower medium tall hatchback, in this case the Golf Plus and not the Ford C-Max.

Ford Kuga

25 September 2007

The Kuga was presented in concept form at Frankfurt although Stefan Lamm, Chief Designer Exterior at Ford, told us: "It is basically a production car". Only the pearlescent paint and some interior trim materials will differ on the production design, he said.

Citroen C5 Airscape

25 September 2007

Citroen's second concept shown at Frankfurt couldn't be more different from the C-Cactus shown alongside.

BMW 1 Series Coupe

25 September 2007

In an age of ever-more complex BMWs, there's a simplicity to this car that's attractive.

Mini Clubman

25 September 2007

It's a five-door Mini, but not as you might expect. This long-awaited version of the Mini, previewed in Frankfurt two years ago, has asymmetric doors, plus a split-door at the rear. It's a stylish version of this baby BMW and the unique bodystyle will definitely add to its premium positioning in the small car sector.

Renault Laguna

25 September 2007

Although quite conventionally proportioned, the new Laguna has some interesting and unique design features: a full width lower grille with floating bar; a front bumper that lifts up at the sides to then create a shut line that slopes downwards into the wheelarch; door handles set on the flowing side feature crease, and a side rub-strip recessed into a section on the doors.

Honda Accord Tourer

25 September 2007

With a new European Honda Accord due to be announced soon, the Accord Tourer Concept presented at Frankfurt demonstrates in core theme and form the exterior design of the production estate car.

Hyundai i-Blue

25 September 2007

Designed at Hyundai's Japanese studio, the i-Blue is a large crossover SUV concept not dissimilar to the German-designed Hyundai HED-2 Genus SUV shown in Geneva last year.

Peugeot 308 RCZ

25 September 2007

This coupe version of the new 308 has been somewhat dismissed in the press as 'Peugeot's TT', but seen in the flesh there's more here than expected.


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