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Volvo finds its sweet spot with the XC Coupe concept

13 January 2014

While we admired the Volvo Coupe concept for its stripping back of the brand’s design to classic, pure proportions and surfaces, its two-door, three-box format and borderline-retro chrome grille felt slightly at odds with the cool rationality we associate with the brand

Ford F150 – more evolutionary than you might expect

13 January 2014

One of the biggest (literally) new releases here in Detroit is the Ford F150 – America’s largest-selling vehicle

BMW M3 > M4

13 January 2014

BMW showed its M3 and M4 twins for the first time here and – perhaps surprisingly – it’s the 3er that works best

Toyota FT-1, channels the Supra, out-Vipers the Viper

13 January 2014

The big surprise, or maybe really the only surprise, at Detroit this year was the unveiling of the Toyota FT-1 concept this morning at Cobo Center

Chrysler 200C makes white noise when it needs to sing

13 January 2014

With the recently completed buyout by Fiat, Chrysler’s 200C is clearly an important car in setting the tone for the future of the company

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