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Honda Insight

25 January 2009

From April 2009, the 2010 Honda Insight aims to start stealing environmentally focused customers from the Toyota Prius with prices set below that car and the current Honda Civic Hybrid.

Volvo S60 concept

25 January 2009

The S60 concept shown at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show has been produced to signal that a new S60 mid-size four-seater production sedan is on the way in 2010.

Volkswagen Concept BlueSport

25 January 2009

VW's Concept BlueSport was designed at the company's Potsdam studio under the supervision of VW design director Klaus Bischoff and Potsdam studio director Thomas Ingenlath, and is the brand's first attempt at a compact mid-engined roadster, measuring just 3990mm long, 1260mm high and 1745mm wide.

Lincoln MKT

25 January 2009

Staying very close to last year's MKT concept in terms of exterior shape, the luxurious six-seat MKT production crossover is Ford's attempt to inject life into the Lincoln brand.

Subaru Legacy concept

25 January 2009

With other Japanese carmakers either missing or in a very subdued mood, NAIAS 2009 was Subaru's chance to shine.

Ford Taurus

25 January 2009

Ford used NAIAS to introduce its 2010 Taurus, a full-size car (D-Segment) aimed at the North American market.

Toyota Prius

25 January 2009

Honda only got to enjoy the ‘hybrid limelight' for a single day at the NAIAS before the company synonymous with the technology, Toyota, hit back with the unveil of its third-generation Prius hatchback (due this summer).


25 January 2009

Designed at BMW's Munich studio by Julianne Blasi (exterior) and Nadja Arnaout (interior), the second-generation Z4 roadster marks another sizeable step away from the company's influential flame-surfacing form language towards one that revolves around sleekness and simplicity.

Lexus HS 250h

25 January 2009

Touted by Lexus as the ‘world's first dedicated luxury hybrid', the HS 250h will launch next year as a bridge between the company's IS and ES sedans and provide its most fuel-efficient offering to date when it hits US showrooms this summer.

Buick LaCrosse

25 January 2009

Buick's latest mid-size luxury sedan - the 2010 La Crosse unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show - goes on sale in summer 2009 in the US with the Lexus ES and Nissan Maxima firmly in its sights.