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Ford Interceptor

07 January 2007

As a concept, the Ford Interceptor is the response from Dearborn to Chrysler's success with its extrovert 300C rear-wheel-drive big sedan.

Chevrolet Volt

07 January 2007

Who will resuscitate the electric car? Well, maybe GM if they go ahead and develop their Chevrolet Volt Concept, a plug-in hybrid that can run for 40 miles on its Li-Ion battery power, and whose small three cylinder internal combustion engine serves the only purpose of driving a generator.

Ford Airstream

07 January 2007

The Airstream concept, introduced by J Mays, is a futuristic crossover, supposedly capturing the sense of optimism and adventure conveyed in American aircraft and spacecraft.

Mazda Ryuga

07 January 2007

According to Laurens van den Acker, the Ryuga concept is the second in a series of Mazda concepts that we'll see this year culminating at Tokyo in the Autumn, all of them exploring the new 'Nagare' [or 'flow'] theme.

Lincoln MKR

07 January 2007

The MKR concept materializes the future of the Lincoln brand's design strategy. It was just about time for Ford's luxury division to make a bold statement to rejuvenate its image and clarify its identity.

Acura ASC

07 January 2007

The big news today from Acura was the announcement that they would open a dedicated design studio for the brand in Torrance, California, under the leadership of Jon Ikeda, a long-time veteran of Honda R&D Americas studio [HRA].

Jaguar C-XF

07 January 2007

Cut to the chase: this concept divides opinions like no other car here in Detroit this week, particularly amongst designers, many of whom are passionate about the brand and all of whom have opinions about where it should be heading.

Toyota FT-HS

07 January 2007

The FT-HS 'Hybrid Sports' concept is a bold design direction, unashamedly advanced and challenging yet based on sound principles that many casual observers may have overlooked.

Nissan Bevel

07 January 2007

This is an interesting counterpoint to the Ford Airstream concept, also shown at Detroit this week. The two cars have a lot of similarities in that they both explore asymmetry, they reference 1970's avant-garde, both use deeply recessed side windows and have open-plan interiors. Other Ford links continue: the front owes a lot to the Marc Newson 021C while the vertical rear has elements of the Ford

Volvo XC60

07 January 2007

According to Steve Mattin, there are three reasons to show the XC60 here at Detroit: to pre-position the forthcoming XC60 production car for 2009, to introduce some new Volvo DNA elements and to show some new design innovations for concept cars.

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