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Dodge Challenger SRT8

08 February 2008

Much to the delight of MOPAR fans, Chrysler finally unveiled the Dodge Challenger SRT8 at this year's Chicago Auto Show, complete with a 425bhp Hemi V8.

Hummer H3T

08 February 2008

GM's Hummer brand is looking to expand its product portfolio with the H3T, its first entry into the pickup truck segment. Visually the H3T continues the angular styling theme initiated by the H2 SUV and subsequently followed by the H3. But the H3T is a true pickup truck, with a 1.5m long modular bed.

Volkswagen Routan

08 February 2008

Remember the VW Microbus? Those born before 1970 may have a different memory of VWs than we do today, as VW was once known for quirky yet practical vehicles which now fetch over $75,000 at auctions when nicely restored.

Chevrolet Traverse

08 February 2008

Chevrolet's new bowtie look should be apparent by now, with the horizontally split grille that continues into the lower part of the bumper offset.

International Lonestar

08 February 2008

"We had a vision of what we wanted to do...starting with risky proportions, we tested the waters," explained David Allendorf, chief designer of Navistar International Corporation in speaking about the LoneStar.

GMC Denali XT concept

08 February 2008

When asked just how American the new Denali XT concept is, Australian lead designer Warrack Leach, who designed and developed the vehicle, is careful to acknowledge that "nothing is done in a vacuum" in GM's global organization.

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