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CES 2016: Faraday’s vision of the future is stuck in an outdated paradigm

11 January 2016

The industry awaited a game-changer, the wait continues

CES 2016: The awkward adolescence of gesture control

10 January 2016

Is this a technical solution seeking a problem?

CES 2016: Audi continues to light the way

10 January 2016

OLEDs are the next big thing from Ingolstadt

CES 2016: Hands-on with Audi’s new 3D VR configurator

09 January 2016

How Audi plans to use virtual reality to tempt you to spend more on options when you buy

CES 2016: Driving into the future with Rinspeed’s Etos

09 January 2016

Rinspeed shows exactly what the point of the cloud-connected car might be

CES 2016: Nvidia autonomy – what it sees, and what you get

09 January 2016

Orange line shows the self-driving car's escape route

Display shows the passenger exactly what the self-driving car can see

CES 2016: Ford gets Carplay, Android Auto integration right

08 January 2016

System still has issues but this refinement is welcome

CES 2016: Bosch Neosense brings touchscreens to life

08 January 2016

Refined haptic feedback is the best we've experienced

CES 2016: Ehang 184 is an autonomous drone you can ride in

08 January 2016

Single-seat electric drone might just be the coolest thing at this year's CES

CES 2016: JVCKenwood strips back a McLaren 675LT

07 January 2016

Concept celebrates 25th anniversary of both firm's partnership in F1