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Audi’s CES press conference highlights 5 tech ‘megatrends’

09 January 2013

Audi’s CES press conference – featuring new Audi R&D chief Wolfgang Dürheimer – highlighted what the company calls the top five tech ‘megatrends’ as the company aims to “leap ahead through technology”

Qualcomm brings wireless car charging closer, with halo

09 January 2013

Qualcomm’s chips power much of the exciting new gadgetry here at CES

Welcome to CES 2013

08 January 2013

We’re in Las Vegas for the world’s largest tech convention, the Consumer Electronics Show

Audi’s (literally) blinding show stand

08 January 2013

Audi has a history of producing innovative and visually stunning stands for its tech debuts at CES and this year’s is better than ever

Hands-On: Harman’s premium infotainment technologies

08 January 2013

Harman are on a push here at CES

Audi foresees a less-dazzling night drive

08 January 2013

It’s perhaps ironic for a company that’s become synonymous with blinding (LED) lights, that one of Audi’s most ‘near future’ technology demonstrations here at CES was a headlight that’s designed to be, quite simply, less dazzling